PicoVNA 106 6GHz vector network analyzer

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PicoVNA 106 6GHz vector network analyzer

  • 300 kHz to 6 GHz operation
  • High speed of > 5000 dual-port s-parameters per second
  • 118 dB dynamic range at 10 Hz bandwidth
  • 0.005 dB RMS trace noise at bandwidth of 140 kHz
  • Compact half-rack, lightweight package
  • PC-controlled over USB from a Microsoft Windows interface
  • Reference plane offsetting and de-embedding
  • Time domain and port impedance transformations
  • Tabular and graphic print and save formats, including Touchstone
  • P1dB, AM to PM, and stand-alone signal generator utilities
  • Fully accessible, guided 8 and 12-term calibration processes
  • 6 calibration modes, including unknown through and connected DUT isolation
  • Calibration and check standards with data for confident measurements


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Részletes leírás PicoVNA 106 6GHz vector network analyzer

Today's microwave measuring instruments need to be straightforward, accurate, portable and affordable. No longer restricted to specialists, they are now used by scientists, educators, surveyors, inspectors, engineers and technicians in radio and gigabit data applications. Now Pico Technology has applied its expertise in microwave sampling oscilloscopes and time domain transmission and reflectometry to bring you a USB vector network analyzer.

The PicoVNA 106 is a professional USB-controlled, laboratory grade vector network instrument of unprecedented performance, portability and affordability. Despite its small size and low cost, the instrument boasts a ‘Quad RX’ four-receiver architecture to eliminate the uncorrectable errors, delays and fragility of three-receiver designs with internal transfer switches.

The PicoVNA 106 offers exceptional dynamic range of 118 dB and only 0.005 dB RMS trace noise at its maximum operating bandwidth of 140 kHz. It can also gather all four s-parameters at every frequency point in just 190 µs; in other words a 500 point 2-port .s2p Touchstone file in less than one tenth of a second. The cost is so low that the PicoVNA 106 could even be used as a cost-effective high-dynamic-range scalar network analyzer! It's affordable in the classroom, small business and even amateur workshop, yet capable in the microwave expert's laboratory.


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