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Keysight N2804A Differential probe - 300 MHz 1000V

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Keysight N2804A Differential probe - 300 MHz 1000V

Key features and specs

  • 300-MHz bandwidth without extension leads
  • Rated to measure differential voltage up to ±300 VDC + peak AC with high CMRR of >70 dB at 1 MHz
  • Zero offset adjustable
  • AutoProbe interface

Included accessories

  • Two alligator clips
  • Two pincer clips
  • Two extension leads (30 cm)
  • 1 trimmer tool

Compatible oscilloscopes

  • InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series with software 4.0 or higher
  • Infiniium S-Series, 9000, 90000A, 90000 X-, 90000 Q-, and Z-Series with software version 5.2
  • Infiniium 90000 X-, 90000 Q-, and Z-Series require N5442A precision BNC 50 (micro) adapter
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Részletes leírás Keysight N2804A Differential probe - 300 MHz 1000V

The N2804A 300-MHz differential probe provides the superior differential signal measurements required for today’s high-speed power measurements such as measuring characteristics of switching power devices, DC-DC converters, class D amplifiers or automotive buses. The probe offers 100:1 attenuation ratio, allowing it to be used adequate for up to +/-300V DC+peakAC of high voltage differential measurements with high CMRR. The differential probe has a differential input resistance of 4 M? and low input capacitance of 4 pF to minimize circuit loading. The probe comes with a pair of extension leads (30 cm long) with a damping resistor built in to damp out the in-band resonance and provide flat frequency response even with the extension leads and the probe tip accessories used. The probe is powered by Keysight’s oscilloscope AutoProbe interface.


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