Kust LM1020B Precision LCR Meter

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Kust LM1020B Precision LCR Meter

LM1020B: 200kHz 1500 frequency points

  • 5" large graphic LCD display
  • 0.05% of the basic measurement accuracy, test speed (75 times / sec)
  • Frequency response analysis and curve display function
  • 2 different signal source output impedances: 30Ω and 100Ω
  • Open, Short, and Load correction functions
  • 10 points list sweep function
  • Built-in comparator; 10-bin and bin counters
  • Test signal level monitor function
  • Automatic level control function for V and I (ALC)
  • 100 control setting files can be saved in the internal non-volatile memory
  • RS232C, HANDLER(optional),USB(host) and LAN & GIPB(optional)
  • 0V, 1.5 V and 2 V internal DC bias voltage
  • Optional ±10V(±100mA) and 1A internal DC bias source
  • 4 parameters on dispaly in any configuration
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Részletes leírás Kust LM1020B Precision LCR Meter

The LM1020 is an auto component analyzer with high accuracy, wide measurement range and six digit resolution.


LM1020 can be used for incoming inspection of components, quality control and laboratory use over a wide range of frequency(up to 200kHz) and test signal level (5 mV to 2V).


The HANDLER, GPIB, RS232C interfaces make it easy to build an automatic component test system, communicate with the computer and record the test results



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